DHI Annual Report 2018

We’re crossing the bridge

“CloudBridge strategy: From vision to execution!
Our people, infrastructure and design approach are geared for the next Stage – the most exciting – with revolutionary Cloud applications to be co-created with our customers. We’re going full speed ahead now.
Come onboard!”

Antoine Labrosse, CEO

Positive designing


At DHI, our customers are at the centre of our business, philosophy and ideas. Nothing matters more to us than providing a great experience, at every stage of the customer journey.


That is why in 2018, we have built a complete design team dedicated to the design thinking approach, involving our customers and placing them first – starting from the very initial product development stage.

“The era of Digitalisation is opening a whole new range of opportunities for the Water Industry. To ensure that our products best fit our customers’ needs, we are increasingly entering into a co-creation process, leveraging on design thinking and agile methodologies.”

Samia Briand Mejdi, Vice President, Digital Execution
More about design thinking:
An interview with our user experience designers

Move faster!

MIKE Cloud

The open and innovative platform of the Water Industry where people, technology, research and businesses meet. An example of what’s coming is the Mesh Generator, a browser-based Cloud application that completely automates the mesh creation process.

HydroMaster is a Cloud solution that allows users to view, analyse and archive historical as well as upcoming precipitation events. The Flash Flood Index forecasts flash flood threats accurately and translates extreme weather data into actionable information on the ground.

GlobalSea Oil Spill is the online operational application to forecast the movement and transformation of accidental oil spills at sea – anytime and anywhere in the world.

Real-world solutions, everywhere

Improving crop water efficiency in Uganda with machine learning

An innovative project by DHI GRAS was chosen as one of the recipients of the Microsoft and National Geographic AI for Earth Innovation Grants. The project aims to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm for obtaining evapotranspiration and crop water stress at farm level for a large national irrigation scheme in Uganda – using machine learning and satellites. Carried out in collaboration with geo-information company Geo Gecko, the project is expected to result in 30% less water use for the same yield, which would greatly benefit the local community and farmers.

Offshore wind plays a key role in the Dutch route to achieving international climate goals. To provide offshore wind farm developers with high quality and certified metocean data, we delivered the world’s first certified web-based metocean database – the DHI MetOcean Portal – encompassing 40 years of metocean data.

The combination of well-validated models and state-of-the-art statistical tools resulted in more accurate extreme values and defined a new design basis for the Dutch North Sea. This will help our client save costs, reduce uncertainties and continue the future development for offshore wind farms in the Netherlands.

Digital metocean portal for Dutch offshore wind power development

Real-time water quality information for swimmers in New Zealand

After a heavy rain, a combined storm and waste water network can result in sewage overflowing into Auckland’s streams and harbours.

As part of the award-winning Safeswim – a website by the Auckland Council that warns people about water quality – we provided forecasts and up-to-date beach conditions of various locations around central Auckland. This was made possible by combining real-time wastewater and stormwater network data with predictive models. Information provided by Safeswim is helping the public plan ahead for a better beach experience.

Towards another great year

2018 was a significant year at DHI where we began to experiment with AI, new ways of working, Cloud applications and putting ideas in place. To see what else we’ve been up to, dive into the DHI Blog, read about our corporate social responsibility activities and see how we performed in 2018.
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